Sasha Watson

Vidalia in Paris, Viking Press

When Vidalia wins a scholarship to study art abroad for the summer, she can’t believe her good fortune. Paris is filled with surprises, including Julien, the nice bookstore clerk Vidalia should like as more than a friend, and Marco, the mysterious art dealer she can’t stay away from. By the time she finds out the truth about the paintings Marco sells, she’s fallen for him too hard to really care. But when his crimes threaten to involve her directly, Vidalia has to separate reason from passion.


Vidalia is delighted to study art in Paris on scholarship. But from the first, things do not go as expected. Her host family is cold, the art master doesn’t think she has talent, and a former friend is also on the trip. Then Vidalia meets two guys. Julian, the nice one, works at Shakespeare and Company bookstore. Marco charms Vidalia with his expertise in art and his mysterious aura. Marco, who has an elastic set of values, especially when it comes to stealing art from the rich, soon draws a willing Vidalia into an unstable situation. What starts out as simple turns into a multilayered story that keeps readers wondering how things will turn out. First-time author Watson has several subplots (an agoraphobic mother; the long-ago best friend who has a breakdown), but it’s the main push and pull of the narrative—Vidalia’s relationship with the scheming Marco—that fascinates throughout. Paris makes a great background. Grades 9-12. --BOOKLIST

Watson portrays Paris with a doting accuracy and delineates all the torments of first love. --KIRKUS REVIEWS

Watson does a wonderful job of describing Vidalia's emotions throughout the book...readers will enjoy this story, getting caught up in the romance and Parisian ambiance. --SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL